BMW Diagnostics, Servicing & Repairs

We are able to diagnose faults and problems that other garages and even BMW Dealers seem unable to resolve.

We are authorised users of BMW AOS and have genuine ISTA Next hardware, the same as BMW Dealers, this allows us to carry out all that a BMW Dealers can, including Software updates, Configuration changes and even Online Service Record Updates.

Unlike most workshops who it would seem just swap parts until they fix the problem (and sometimes don't fix it!) We have the proven ability to determine the actual cause of any  problems and repair the problem, quickly and economically, we frequently save our customers hundreds of pounds based upon the prices they have been quoted elsewhere for the repair. 

Just like many of our customers we want to repair the problems you are having with your car accurately and at the best possible price, we like to repair rather than replace parts and only replace components that are proven to be faulty.

Using our Fully Licensed BMW AOS ISTA System that is used in BMW dealer workshops worldwide and our Autologic BMW Specialist Equipment means that we have all the capabilities at our disposal as a BMW Dealer workshop.

We even have the BMW Keyreader+ system that allows us to lookup the vehicle on BMW systems and complete Digital Service Records that are stored on BMW servers on the vehicle and also the keys of the vehicle , just like an Authorised BMW Dealer. This means that your Manufacturer warranty is maintained when we service and maintain your vehicle in our workshop.

The capabilities include 

  • Fault code reading
  • Viewing Live data
  • Actuating Components
  • Graphing Live Data in real time
  • Software Updates and reprogramming
  • Installing New Control units and ECU's

We also have additional capabilities that cannot be matched by Main Dealers that allows us to reset and re-program Used Control Units, offering significant cost saving to vehicle owners.

We are able to program the following to all BMW models

  • Engine ECU
  • Body Module
  • CIM Module
  • Rear Body Module
  • Cooling System Control Unit
  • ABS
  • SRS / Airbag
  • Keys
  • Central Locking Remotes
  • and any other modules that may be fitted.