Jaguar Repairs Servicing & Diagnostics

We Repair and Service all models of Jaguar using exactly the same Diagnostic Equipment as Jaguar Dealers, this allows us to perform software updates and full Symptom Driven Diagnostics using the software that was designed for the job. Using Genuine Jaguar parts and equipment allows your vehicle warranty status to be maintained and Service history to be kept up to date which generally increases the resale value of your Jaguar when the time comes to sell your car.

Jaguar Performance Upgrades

Remap and Tuning Development 

We offer a wide range of upgrades to Jaguar vehicles, from Software Upgrades developed on our in-house Rolling Road Dyno, To hardware upgrades such as replacement Supercharger Pulleys that provide significant increase in performance on Supercharged models. 


Over 30 Years Expertise with Jaguar Cars

Eric has been working on Jaguar cars since 1981 when he completed the restoration of a beautiful Red E-Type Series 1 Coupe, followed by numerous XJ Models and even the occasional XJS. Erics own XJ6 that he used as his day-to-day car back in the 1980's was the car on the left below. 


We Service, Repair and Tune a wide range of Jaguar Cars, we still see Mk 11 Jaguars for diagnostics and tuning on our Dimsport Rolling Road, and tune everything right up to the very latest high-performance models such as the Jaguar F-Pace 3.0 V6 280KW for example. We have at our disposal exactly the same diagnostic equipment as Authorised Jaguar Dealers, including access to the very latest Technical Information System (Topix) This allows us to perform Service and Software updates as recommended by Jaguar on an increasing basis to overcome all manner of problems.

We can also upgrade the software on your car engine ecu to increase Performance, Economy or your choice of a compromise between the two.

Whatever you or your car need we are able to complete the work in a professional manner with the very latest information and tools.

Please click on one of the links below for model specific information. (Currently being developed)

F-Type X-Type F-Pace E-Pace XE XF  
S-Type XK XKR E-Type MK 11 MK V11