Discovery 2 BCU (Body Control Unit) Exchange Service

The Discovery 2 BCU or Body Control Unit is a common cause of a number of faults such as :-


  • Alarm Faults
  • Central Locking Faults
  • Windows not working
  • Immobiliser Issues


And many other problems.


As the BCU has to be programmed to the vehicle and keys need to be programmed, failure of the BCU often result in the vehicle not starting, normally the vehicle will need to be recovered to the local Land Rover Dealership. 

As you can imagine the cost of recovery, a new BCU, labour and programming can all add up and we often hear of invoices in the £500.00-£600.00 region.

Well now there is a much more economical solution when the BCU has failed due to electronics faults within the BCU.

Simply remove the BCU and send to us with details of the problems that your vehicle was exhibiting and include your email address and your full postal address and we will send an exchange BCU to you already programmed, exactly the same as your original.

So you just plug it into your car and away you go, no programming, no trips to the dealer, a simple solution at last to a very common problem..

Our Exchange BCU's are a  simple plug-and-play solution to the common failure on Discover 2 models, both petrol and diesel models are affected by this common problem, the cost of an Exchange BCU is only £192.90 including carriage and is ready to go once you receive your BCU from us.


Mileage and Unlocking

Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, We are the only company in the world that can unlock and reset the mileage to Zero or any mileage required  on Discovery 2 BCU's. We can also viginise all Discovery 2 BCU's which means that the BCU is completely reset to the same 'Blank' settings as a brand new BCU. 


Discovery Exchange Virgin BCU

We are now offeing a replacement BCU service that offers a faster turnaround, you order a replacement Virgin BCU and fit and program it to your vehicle and send your old BCU back to us afterwards, the cost of this service is £350.00 with £100.00 refunded once we receive the old BCU, so the real cost of the service is actually only £250.00 and the BCU can be with you the morning after your order. Please call us to take advantage of this unique service.


Discovery 2 BCU Repairs

We are now offering a repair service for Discovery 2 BCU's, these modules are well known to suffer from a number of problems, such as those mentioned above.
The Discovery BCU has a number of main reasons for failure, these can often be just regular component failures such as the relays, however many of the problems are due to corruption and internal faults with the very complex CPU (Central Processing Unit) We are often able to read the data within the memory of these processors on these BCU's, even when the rest of the components cant, this allows us to replace the CPU and reprogram the replacement CPU to its original configuration. This means that the BCU will once again perform all the functions that it should.
The cost of repair depends upon the cost of the components that need to be replaced to bring it back to working condition.
To take advantage of this unique service (as far as we are aware Turner Diagnostics are the only company in the World to repair BCU's) Send your BCU to the address on our website and include your FULL postal address and your email address and a list of the problems your Discovery 2 is exhibiting, once your BCU arrives with us we will notify you with the cost of repairing your BCU, if agree to the repair we will go ahead, if not we will only charge you for the cost of return carriage.
Many of the BCU's that we recieve are in EKA lockout which prevents the vehicle starting and many functions not working, if diagnostic equipment is unable to read the BCU this is often all that is wrong, we can reset the EKA lockout and unlock the BCU so that it can be reprogrammed if required, the cost for unlocking is a service that we are the only company in the world that can do, the cost is £128.90 including carriage.
One of the problems that workshops have is that they are unable to program keys or remotes to the Discovery BCU as they dont have the lockset barcode for the keys, we can provide the barcode, simply send us an email with the information off the label in each of the keys and we will provide the barcode for each key, the cost is £15.00 per key for this service and is completed by email, normally within a few minutes of the information arriving.