Range Rover L322 Automatic Gearbox Diagnostics and Repairs

We are now offering diagnostics and repair of Range Rover L322 Auto Gearboxes.

These are supposed to be "sealed for life" in other words no need for oil changes, it would seem that following this lack of maintenance causes failure of the gearbox in as little as 60,000 miles (sometimes much less)

Unfortunately as many owners have discovered the cost of a Land Rover Exchange Gearbox including a torque converter and all the associated sundries, flushing of all the pipework and gearbox cooling system often results in a total bill of around £4,500.00 - £5,000.00, this could write off some Range Rovers.

The most important thing to do with any strange behaviour or errors on the Range Rover L322 is to have the cause diagnosed by specialists such as ourselves, Using the diagnostic equipment for the vehicles, either Land Rover Testbook T4 on vehicles up to about 2005 and for 2005 models onwards JLR SDS. We have all of these tools and many more that we have created in-house. We also have the ability to drive all the vehicles on our 4x4 Rolling Road (Often called a Dyno or Chassis Dynamometer) There are not many companies that have access to the facilities that we have available.

Once we have diagnosed the exact cause of the problem or symptoms we can advise you of any options and costs of repair, depending upon the fault and how the gearbox has been serviced in the past repairs can be practical and cost effective at times. If a full exchange Gearbox complete with torque converter, flushing, fluids and labour the total is often about £2,450.00 which is a significant saving on the cost of similar gearboxes from Land Rover Dealers. About Half the cost actually. 

If you are experiencing problems with the automatic gearbox on your Range Rover L322 give us a call to discuss the problem and how we can help you .

Gearbox Service

We recommend that the gearbox on the Range Rover L322 is serviced every 4 years or 40,000 miles, during the service we first check the gearbox cooling system using our thermal imaging camera and also temperature probes. The gearbox oil is drained and the sump and gearbox oil filter are removed and inspected along with the sump pan for any debris and swarf. We can tell a lot from this inspection. We then flush the oil cooler checking once again for restricted flow. If all is well we fit new filters and gaskets and refill the gearbox with the recommended transmission fluid. We then road test the vehicle before handing back the vehicle to our customer. 



5L40E Code (DTC) P0218 Transmission Fluid Over Temperature
5L40E Code (DTC) P0502 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P0503 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit Intermittent
5L40E Code (DTC) P0711 TFT Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
5L40E Code (DTC) P0712 Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor Circuit Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P0713 Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor Circuit High
5L40E Code (DTC) P0716 Input Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent
5L40E Code (DTC) P0717 Input Speed Sensor Circuit Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P0719 Brake Switch Circuit Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P0724 Brake Switch Circuit High
5L40E Code (DTC) P0730 Incorrect Gear Ratio
5L40E Code (DTC) P0741 TCC System Stuck Off
5L40E Code (DTC) P0742 TCC System Stuck On
5L40E Code (DTC) P0748 Pressure Control Solenoid Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P0751 1-2 Shift Solenoid Valve Performance
5L40E Code (DTC) P0753 1-2 Shift Solenoid Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P0756 2-3 Shift Solenoid Valve Performance
5L40E Code (DTC) P0758 2-3 Shift Solenoid Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1520 Gear Indicator System
5L40E Code (DTC) P1521 Transmission Engaged At High Throttle Angle
5L40E Code (DTC) P1522 Park/Neutral To Drive/Reverse At High RPM
5L40E Code (DTC) P1523 Electronic Throttle Control Throttle Return
5L40E Code (DTC) P1527 Transmission Range/Pressure Switch Comparison
5L40E Code (DTC) P1700 Transmission MIL Request
5L40E Code (DTC) P1701 Transmission MIL Request Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1705 P/N Signal Output Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1740 Transmission Torque Reduction Request Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1743 TP Signal From ECM
5L40E Code (DTC) P1760 ECM Supply Voltage Interrupted
5L40E Code (DTC) P1779 Engine Torque Delivered To TCM Signal
5L40E Code (DTC) P1780 Park/Neutral Postion (PNP) Switch Circuit Engine Torque Signal Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1790 Transmission Control Module Checksum
5L40E Code (DTC) P1791 Transmission Control Module Loop
5L40E Code (DTC) P1792 Transmission Control Module Reprogrammable Memory
5L40E Code (DTC) P1793 Transmission control Module Stack Overrun
5L40E Code (DTC) P1795 CAN Bus-Throttle Body Position
5L40E Code (DTC) P1800 TCM Power Control Relay Circuit Open
5L40E Code (DTC) P1801 Performance Selector Switch Failure
5L40E Code (DTC) P1804 Ground Control Relay
5L40E Code (DTC) P1810 TFP Valve Position Switch Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1811 Maximum Adapt and Long Shift
5L40E Code (DTC) P1812 Transmission Over Temperature Condition
5L40E Code (DTC) P1813 Torque Control
5L40E Code (DTC) P1814 Torque Converter Overstressed
5L40E Code (DTC) P1815 Transmission Range Switch-Start In Wrong Range
5L40E Code (DTC) P1816 TFP Valve Position Switch-Park/Neutral With Drive Ratio
5L40E Code (DTC) P1817 TFP Valve Position Switch-Reverse With Drive Ratio
5L40E Code (DTC) P1818 TFP Valve Position Switch-Drive Without Drive Ratio
5L40E Code (DTC) P1819 Internal Mode Swtich No Start, Wrong Range
5L40E Code (DTC) P1820 Internal Mode Switch Circuit A Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P1822 Internal Mode Switch Circuit B High
5L40E Code (DTC) P1823 Internal Mode Switch Circuit P Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P1825 Internal Mode Switch Illegal Range
5L40E Code (DTC) P1826 Internal Mode Switch Circuit C High
5L40E Code (DTC) P1831 PC Solenoid Power Circuit Low Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1833 A/T Solenoids Power Circuit Low Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1835 Kick-Down Switch
5L40E Code (DTC) P1836 Kick-Down Switch Failed Open
5L40E Code (DTC) P1837 Kick-Down Switch Failed Short
5L40E Code (DTC) P1842 1-2 Shift Solenoid Circuit Low Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1843 1-2 Shift Solenoid Circuit High Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1844 Torque Reduction Signal Circuit Desired By TCM
5L40E Code (DTC) P1845 Transmission Gear Ratio Output Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1847 2-3 Shift Solenoid Circuit High Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1850 Brake Band Apply Solenoid Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1851 Brake Band Apply Solenoid Performance
5L40E Code (DTC) P1852 Brake Band Apply Solenoid Low Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1853 Brake Band Apply Solenoid High Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1860 TCC PWM Solenoid Circuit Electrical
5L40E Code (DTC) P1864 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1868 Transmission Fluid Life
5L40E Code (DTC) P1870 Transmission Component Slipping
5L40E Code (DTC) P1871 Undefined Gear Ratio
5L40E Code (DTC) P1873 TCC Stator Temp. Switch Circuit Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P1874 TCC Stator Temp. Switch Circuit High
5L40E Code (DTC) P1875 4WD Low Switch Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1884 TCC Enable/Shift Light Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1886 Shift Timing Solenoid
5L40E Code (DTC) P1887 TCC Release Switch Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1890 ECM Data Input Circuit
5L40E Code (DTC) P1891 Throttle Position Sensor PWM Signal Low
5L40E Code (DTC) P1892 Throttle Position Sensor PWM Signal High
5L40E Code (DTC) P1893 Engine Torque Signal Low Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1894 Engine Torque Signal High Voltage
5L40E Code (DTC) P1895 TCM To ECM Torque Reduction Circuit