Land Rover / Range Rover MOST Diagnostics Specialists

We are one of the few companies worldwide that have the ability to diagnose and test the MOST system which allows communications between the various audio devices in the car

It is quite common for problems with the fibre-optic cables that link all the audio system components, such as Sat-Nav, Radio, DAB, CD, DVD, TV, Bluetooth and the head or display screen. Complete failure or even communication issues can take down the complete system.

We can determine the exact cause of the problem and can supply and calibrate or program new or used components if necessary.

Sometimes all that is required is for some or all units to be re-flashed with the latest software versions to allow the sytem to work again, this often enables later devices to work with the system, such as a new mobile or Smartphone.

We can also perform control unit upgrades at the same time when available.

Please contact us for more information or to book your car into our workshop.