P38 Range Rover BeCM Repairs

We are the only company in the world that test ALL Range Rover BeCM's on dedicated test vehicles, our own fully equipped P38 Range Rover Test Vehicles - in our experience it is the only way that you can be sure that any and all faults with P38 BeCM's are found. To properly test a BeCM takes just under 2 hours to check every function under real life load conditions, that's how thorough we are in our testing of BeCM's.We are the only company in the world that guarantee all BeCM Repairs for 2 Years.

We are P38 Range Rover Experts and know these incredibly advanced inside out, in fact our skills are regularly used by Independent land Rover Specialists and Land Rover Dealers to resolve problems that they have failed to fix. Virtually all non-engine functions even the control of engine cranking on the P38 Range Rover, from the windows to the suspension, are either controlled or monitored by a computer known as the Body Electrical Control Module (BeCM). This electronic control unit/fusebox is also the one that supplies most of the 150 possible messages to the vehicle's Message Centre (in the Instrument Cluster) alerting the driver to all manner of vehicle functions and malfunctions.

When the BeCM is working according to plan, everything is bliss. However this expensive (about £800) box full of electronics and microprocessors is one of the few ECU's in modern vehicles that regularly fails.

P38 BeCM failure can display all sorts of problems, the most common being error messages on the dashboard displaying things like Fuse X Failed etc. Headlights, Side-Lights, Rear Wash/Wipe, Central Locking, Alarm, Intermittent non-cranking of the engine these and many other problems are caused by failures within the BeCM unit. We are seeing an increase at the moment of BeCM failures shortly after valeting, particularly after carpet cleaning, most of these failures have been found to be caused by water (liquid) damage, often leaving the BeCM beyond economical repair.
The P38 Range Rover BeCM controls the power for many other controllers within the car, it also acts as a hub for communication between many of the controllers or ECU's within the vehicle.
The following is a list of the main functions carried out by the BeCM's, new BeCM's have not been made for MANY years, even the BeCM's that are sold by Land Rover Dealers are repaired BeCM's, the BIG difference is that Land Rover BeCM's are only guaranteed for 1 Year, not two like ours! 

1. Instrument pack
2. SRS (Airbag) Diagnostic Control Unit (DCU)
3. Selector lever display panel (Automatic transmission vehicles only)
4. Engine compartment fusebox
5. Fuse 1 - Power supply
6. Fuse 4 - Power supply
7. Fuse 5 - Power supply
8. Cruise control ECU
9. Transfer box ECU
10. Engine Control Module (ECM)
11. Electronic Automatic Transmission (EAT) ECU
13. Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) ECU
15. Center console switch pack
16. RH door outstation
17. LH door outstation
18. RH seat outstation
19. LH seat outstation
20. ICE (Radio) unit
21. Diagnostic Socket 

We can repair many faults within BeCM units and have a stock of rebuilt BeCM units available at all times. We prefer to repair customers own units and complete and return most BeCM units within 48 hours. 

We can also reprogramme used BeCM units so that they can be reused within other vehicles.

Whatever the problem you are having with the BeCM on your car, we offer a professional, economical and speedy solution to the problem.

BeCM Testing

We offer a unique testing service for P38 Range Rover owners, Land Rover Dealers and Independent Workshops, After careful evaluation we have come the the conclusion that bench testing does not provide the loads necessary to confirm that a BeCM will work properly under real life conditions, we were the first and only company that only test BeCM's on a P38 Range Rover, to do this we instal the BeCM and test all the operations that the BeCM is responsible for powering or actuating fitted to a fully working P38 Range Rover and with as many functions at the same time ensuring that everything works under load, so when we test and pass a BeCM you can be sure that it all works 100%. In addition to our own exclusive  in-house developed test routines, All BeCM's are then run through the full range of tests on the Genuine Dealer Diagnostic Tool - Land rover Testbook /T4 The time taken to run through all the testing takes a little under two hours for each BeCM, that is how thorough we are with our testing. Contact us for further information.  


Testing - on our fully working P38 Range Rover Test Vehicle

All BeCM testing is performed on a fully working P38 Range Rover in our workshop, this ensures that we can thoroughly test the BeCM, we believe that this is the only way you can be sure that the BeCM has been tested thoroughly, bench testing is just not good enough!

Price includes full testing and a printed report of the full configuration of the BeCM and includes FOB codes and EKA code (the actual one that is used  by the car) 

£150.00 plus carriage at cost - for the UK we use Royal Mail Special Delivery which ensures that the BeCM arrives the following day - This costs £28.90


Repairs when necessary are charged depending upon the work necessary to fix that particular part and does vary, exact cost will be advised before commencing the repair.

Typical Repair Cost

The typical cost of repair is about £100.00 plus the testing fee and return carriage at cost. So for the UK this would normally be about £274.90 all in. Exact cost of repair will be advised once testing has been completed.

Should extensive repairs be required (due to serious water damage for example) we may recommend an exchange BeCM is supplied this includes the transfer of the programming from the old to the exchange unit and is a plug and play solution - the cost of an Exchange BeCM is £450.00 plus carriage at cost. (The cost of an exchange BeCM includes the cost of testing of your original BeCM if required)

We Guarantee ALL our Repairs for TWO YEARS.

Typical Turnaround Time

Most testing and repairs are completed within 48 hours of receipt, with many being completed the same day we receive the BeCM. There can sometimes be delays depending upon the number of units received that day but this is unusual. If you are desperate to get your BeCM back quickly, do let us know and we will do all that we can to help. As an example it is not uncommon for BeCM's to be sent by our customer on a Monday afternoon and receive it back ready to go on the Wednesday morning


Lockset Barcode

When reprogramming a BeCM, for example because of water damage or corrupted memory as just two examples it is necessary to have access to the Lockeset Barcode, the barcode allows the key fobs to work and is essential for getting the remote control central locking working working. Getting the Lockset Barcode can often be awkward and time consuming, we have access to the Lockset Barcode for all P38 Range Rovers, so if you need the Lockset Barcode for your P38 give us a call and we can let you have the Barcode usually within a few minutes. It is important to note that the Lockset Barcode that we will supply is the one registered in the Land Rover database and if the locks on your car have been changed without updating the database the code may be incorrect, fortunately this does not happen often. The cost for obtaining the Lockset Barcode is £27.50



"Fantastic Service, They managed to get my BeCM working again after others failed!" ☆☆☆☆☆Tim Green rated Turner Diagnostics 5 stars