Evoque Transmission Problems

Gearbox or Transmission

The Range Rover Evoque suffers with a couple of issues that show the symptoms of jerking or harsh gear changes or judder which can often be very noticeable.

Situation: A number of transmission shift quality concerns may be evident. Examples are:

  • A rough gear change or 'jerk' from stationary when selecting DRIVE(D) from NEUTRAL(N).
  • A rough gear change or 'jerk' when releasing the foot brake from a stationary position while the vehicle is in DRIVE(D) (handbrake not applied). For example, in a traffic jam or pulling away from traffic lights.
  • A rough gear change or 'jerk' while driving vehicle on coastdown from sixth gear (off accelerator) but only when downshifting from fifth to fourth gear.

Cause: This may be caused by Transmission Control Module (TCM) software programming.

We can carry out testing to determine if the transmission has the latest software on and update the software if available.

These gearboxes also require Gearbox Flushing to clean out the old oil and Completely Replace ALL the gearbox fluid with the correct fluid, often referred to as Megaflush, we can complete the invaluable treatment while you wait.

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Haldex Unit

The Haldex unit on the Range Rover Evoque should have a service Every 40,000 miles, this is important and prevents damage to the Haldex unit which costs over £1000 plus consumables and labour to replace. We offer a fixed price service using Genuine Land Rover Parts and a while you wait service that costs £200.00

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