Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport

Exchange BCU (Body Control Unit)
Exchange CJB (Central Junction Box)
Exchange Fuse Box
Key Programming when all keys are lost.

One of the common failures of Discover 3 and Range Rover Sport models is the failure of the CJB often incorrectly called the BCU, This crucial unit often fails due to water ingress and short circuits in the wiring which blow circuits, this often results in all manner of faults displayed on the instrument cluster such as HDC Fault, Air Suspension Inactive, failure of seat and mirror adjustment and sometimes the inability to start the vehicle.

Another common problem is the loss of all keys to the vehicle, this can prevent the programming of a replacement  and MAY only be resolved by the purchase of a new Key from Land Rover and delays of a week or more while you wait for the key to arrive, which then may or may not require programming and cause even more delays.

We are able to supply exchange CJB (BCU) units that are programmed exactly the same as the original CJB (BCU) and so are a plug and play swap. We are the First and Only company in the World that can offer this service. Just send the CJB (BCU) and the keys to the address on our contact page and we will normally complete the work within 48 hours of receipt, often the same day. Please complete the attached form and include it with your CJB (BCU unit)

We can also program new or replacement keys, even when all keys are lost from the CJB (BCU) This means that we can get your car on the road rapidly without having to wait for Land Rover to produce and ship a new key, saving time and a lower cost for the key, we can also program additional keys at the same time if required.