Range Rover Sport Misfire

Range Rover Sport

We frequently have vehicle brought to us that have been to numerous Land Rover Dealers and Independent specialist previously, often having spend hundreds or even thousands with the same problems remaining, you may be aware that these problem can be caused by major engine damage or other mechanical failure, however there are also much simpler causes of these symptoms.

The difficulty (for some apparently) is in diagnosing the cause fo the problem, we have developed a series of tests using our sophisticated Oscilloscopes which allow us to see what is actually happening in real-time. This allows us to determine and fix the real cause of the problem, often saving our customers thousands of pounds in the process, even if the engine was replaced as was recommended elsewhere the problem would often still have remained.

The problem these days is the over use of diagnostic equipment for diagnosing the cause of problems, a thorough understanding of the theory behind how an engine works is all that is required to successfully diagnose seemingly impossible problems, it all comes down to good old-fashioned skill at the end of the day.

For more information how we can diagnose the problems behind the symptoms on your Range Rover please contact us on 07835 221337 or 07922 310396