Full 4 Wheel Laser Alignment

We offer full 4 Wheel Alignment for most makes and models, Land Rover and Range Rover and other off-road vehicles are a speciality, on these models most points are adjustable from about 2002 onwards, as with most other vehicles and earlier models it is often the case that wear and tear will have an effect upon the wheel alignment.

We can check the alignment of all Four wheels and adjust as needed, if components are worn (or even bent) we can repair if necessary.

So if your vehicle is suffering from wandering, uneven tyre wear or pulling to one side, perhaps it just doesn't feel right, please call us to book your car into our workshop.

If you have lowered or modified your suspension we can also check and adjust the alignment of all four wheels and advise or adjust as necessary.

Clipped the kerb? Hit a pothole? now is the time to have your wheel alignment checked before excess wear and further damage occur.