Triumph & TR Series Vehicles

In addition to our extensive range of Classic and Historic cars that we service, repair and maintain we are seeing an ever increasing number of Triumph models being brought to us for our specialist Skills. TR7 V8 and TR 6 models in particular are being brought considerable distances to have such things as emissions and rough running problems and the ever common LPG conversion rectification works to get the vehicles working correctly again.

Many of these Triumph Models have had upgrades to Fuel injection systems using either the system that was used with the Rover V8 engine the MEMS 14CUX ecu or on the Straight Six engines the well respected Emerald 3D ECU.

TR7 V8 - SEA264W


Whatever your needs we are sure to be able to help, we were working on these vehicles while they were still current models and understand them fully as well as having the ability to convert them to run Correctly on modern engine management systems and even LPG & CNG

We have our own in-house 1000 BHP Rolling Road Dynamometer that we use for diagnosing running faults as well as tuning carburettors whether standard or upgrades, installation and tuning or remapping of Emerald 3D and other popular aftermarket ECU systems is quite commonplace in our workshop.