Diesel Injectors and Injection Systems

We have a comprehensive collection of test equipment that allows us to carry out a thorough examination and on-vehicle testing of common rail diesel injectors and systems, including low pressure and high pressure fuel pumps.

We can also test mechanical diesel injectors on our test rig, for leaks, opening pressures and spray patterns.

On most common rail diesel systems, many of the components need to be correctly programmed to the vehicle, we are able to program injectors, fuel pumps and calibration settings to most common rail diesel systems.

So if your diesel car or van is suffering from any of the following, then do please get in touch, you can be sure we can help without guessing.

  • Difficult starting from cold
  • Problems starting when hot 
  • Rough running,
  • Lack of power 
  • Poor economy
  • Stalling

Then get in touch with us to have the actual cause of the problem diagnosed and repaired.

Common Rail Injector Testing and Repairs

We have recently, due to demand, made our Diesel Common Rail Injector testing and rebuild service available as a mail order service.

This allows customers (Both Trade and Retail) to have passenger and light  commercial (vans etc) injectors fully tested by a fully manufacturer approved facility. We are able to test and if necessary rebuild injectors from all the major manufacturers such as

  • Denso
  • Delphi
  • Bosch
  • Continental.

This allows us to test, rebuild and calibrate the common rail diesel injectors for almost every diesel car and van on the UK roads.

A full report will be provided after testing and if required we offer a rebuild and calibration service that allows your injectors to be rebuilt to the manufacturers specifications. 

All injectors are rebuilt in a facility that is authorised by all the major manufacturers to carry out this complex task. So you will no longer need to buy replacement injectors (often cheap parts that have not been fully rebuilt and from unauthorised back-street workshops)

You can be assured that all common rail injectors that we supply come with a full and comprehensive 12 month warranty.

Injectors can be tested singly or as a set for the vehicle and only those that do not meet the manufacturers specifications need to be rebuilt.

Exchange Injectors

Due to the huge number of injectors that we get through we can supply exchange injectors for most diesel vehicles at prices that surprise many, so if you are looking at good quality, economical diesel injectors, please call us on 07835 221337 with your registration number for an instant quote.