Diesel Engine Intake System Cleaning Service

Is your car suffering from one or more of the increasingly common problems listed below we see almost every day of the week?
Poor Fuel Economy
Reduction or Loss Of Power
Smoking Exhaust
Difficult or Hard to Start
Rough Idle
Smells from the Exhaust
DPF Light On
Engine Management Light ON
Restricted Intake System
EGR Valve Dirty or Blocked
We help car owners on a regular basis with these and many other problems.
The cause is very often the same, the intake system has become restricted due to a buildup of soft and often sticky carbon deposits. Often the owners have had the EGR cleaned elsewhere which solved the problem for a while, but the problem returned often within a few weeks to months.
The problem is that the whole system becomes contaminated as below
Intake manifold
EGR Valve
Cylinder Head
Intake and Exhaust Valves
Catalytic Converter
DFP Filter
And all the other pipes and hoses
The excess soot and carbon buildup also goes on to "gum" the piston rings, reducing compression in the process. The injector nozzles then become contaminated with a hard deposit that then affects the atomisation of the fuel and which affects emissions and frequently produces more soot which all goes on to make things even worse.
Cleaning one or two components such as the EGR or DPF may have a short term effect, but that is all, you have to fix both the symptom and the problem.
To this end we have developed a comprehensive system using a combination of equipment and materials that are proven to thoroughly clean the entire system.

Our Specialist Cleaning Process

Utilising specialist products and equipment we start the process by performing a check for any error codes and check the live data on the vehicle, then check the emissions using a Diesel Emissions Tester, the same that is used by MOT stations nationwide.
Any problems not associated with the intake or exhaust systems that require attention can be dealt with at this stage.
We then add an additive to the engine oil to clean the entire engine, including the piston rings, helping to restore compressions and improve performance and economy, this specialist product works in about 15 minutes, so cleans during the remaining process.
A further additive is added to the fuel tank, this again is a specialised product that cleans gum and other residues from the fuel system and particularly the internals of the injectors and nozzel's.
At this point we connect our intake system dosing unit to the vehicle, this injects a carefully measured fully atomised blast of a proven clearing agent into the intake system at a pressure of 6 Bar, this is introduced in a carefully generated turbulent flow of air directly into the intake system,
The vehicle is run at idle with the intake system slowly forcing the cleaning materials through the entire intake, engine combustion and exhaust system over a period of up to 1 hour. During this process the worst of the harmful deposits have been removed along with the exhaust gasses. The process does not stop there, the cleaning materials continue to remove any remaining, but softened contaminants over the next few weeks.
The engine oil is then drained and the oil filter is changed and new Low-Ash oil of the type and specification recommended by the manufacturer is added to the correct level.
The vehicle is road tested, often emitting a fair amount of smoke to begin with as the cleaning process continues to remove contaminants.The cleaning continues during the driving process as any remaining soot is blasted out during driving at the same time the coating that has been deposited on all internal surfaces continues to resist further contamination sticking and causing obstruction.
Upon return the vehicle is once more checked for any fault codes and live data checked in line with the manufacturers specifications.
The whole process typically takes about 2-3 hours and can be completed while you wait or left for the day.
Although we initially developed the system to clean the intake system, the process has been proven over time to thoroughly clean the DPF at the same time, some examples of the improvements achieved are below.
Typical Results Achieved
Vehicle Loading Pre-Service Loading Post Service
BMW 530d 108% 0%
Jaguar S Type 81% 0%
Audi A4 96% 0%
VW Golf 89% 1%
Mazda 6 121% 0%
The process has shown BHP improvements of 13% carrying out this induction service as well as MPG improvements of between 4 and 9%.
The injector cleaner has shown improvements in injector pulse timings of 35% or more after 15 minutes. Note that this is an objective result of cleaning alone, The cleaners used do not use additives that can only give temporary improvement to performance and emissions tests (i.e. whilst the additive is in the tank) They continue to perform better long after the cleaning process.
So if you want to the complete induction, fuel, lubricant and exhaust/DPF cleaned on your car all in one go, that has produced improvements in power of up to 13% and increases in fuel consumption (MPG) of up to 9%, call us for a chat about your car or to book an appointment on 01727 838288