DPF Filters or DPF Systems (Diesel Particulate Filters)

It has become increasingly common for vehicle manufacturers to instal DPF filters into the exhaust system on diesel engined vehicles in an attempt to reduce vehicle emissions, particularly the soot content. Unfortunately while happy to fit DPF's to vehicles the manufacturers, dealers and salesmen were not as forthcoming with warnings about the fact that vehicles fitted with DPF's need to operate in a mixed drive cycle, too much driving around the town or city and the next thing you know the DPF warning light comes on to say there is a fault and often the car goes into limp mode.

We are seeing a huge increase in the number of vehicles that we see with DPF faults and problems, unfortunately this often comes after the owners have had their normal garage replace the DPF Filter (at huge expense) and other parts often unnecessarily.

There is a lot more to DPF Systems than is often understood, simple things like a lack of DPF or Eolys fluid, failure of something as simple as a filler cap sensor can all cause the DPF system to stop functioning.

We are able to diagnose all manner of DPF faults and perform resets and forced regeneration on all makes and models, often saving thousands for pounds for their delighted owners.

If a DPF warning is indicated dont delay, waiting can cause further more costly problems,  get the car to someone who can identify and solve the problem as soon as possible. We can repair DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter equipped vehicles and do so on a daily basis. We can often clean blocked DPF filters on the car, sometimes they need to be removed to be cleaned if they are causing a high restriction. We can also top up and regenerate DPF system with Eolys or the recommended fluid and for a range of vehicles remove the DPF from both the vehicle and the ECU by reprogramming the ECU.


Contact us to see how we can help you with the DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter system on your car or light commercial vehicle.