GDI/FSI Injector Testing & Cleaning

What is GDI?

GDI is an abbreviation for Gasoline Direct Injection, a process where the fuel is injected directly in to the combustion chamber. There are many variations of this process, with manufacturers preferring their own abbreviation of the system, here are some of the ones currently in use:

FSI = VW Audi ( Fuel Stratified Injection)
SCi = Ford (Smart Charge Injection)
IDE = Renault (Injection Direct Essence)
JTS = Alfa Romeo (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric)
SIDI = Holden (Spark Ignition Direct Injection)
HPI = BMW (High Precision Injection)
HPDI = Porsche (High Pressure Direct Injection)
Ecotec = GM, Vauxhall, Opel
CGI = Mercedes Benz (Charged Gasoline Injection)
DISI = Ford/Mazda (Direct-Injection-Spark-Ignition)
GDI = Mitsubishi Peugeot Citroën, Hyundai, Volvo, (Gasoline Direct Injection)

Bosch GDI Injectors and Fuel Pump

On a GDI system, the fuel is injected directly in to the combustion chamber at a much higher pressure than manifold systems, up to 200 bar.

These systems now require fuel pumps and injectors made of stainless steel and must be capable of performing at a much higher specification than ones seen on previous manifold injection systems. Both designed to deliver very precise quantities of fuel at extremely high pressures and in short periods of time, in some cases for fractions of a millisecond.

To control these systems, the ECU is also of a higher specification and required to supply a higher current of up to 90v on some systems. There are many manufacturers of this type of system, but Robert Bosch are recognised as one of the leaders in the development of the GDI Technology.

GDI Injector Cleaning & Testing

We have the ability to test and clean all GDI Injectors for cars of all makes and models.

This means that you no longer need to spend hundreds of pounds to replace faulty and leaking injectors.

We test then clean and retest and produce a report of the injector characteristics, we also replace the Teflon seals (a use once item) and the 'O' rings and Filters. Returning the injectors to fully working injectors at the cost effective price of £25.00 each plus VAT and carriage for our postal service, or book your car into our workshop and we can remove, test & clean and refit the injectors while you wait or shop.