LPG Repairs & Troubleshooting

We are specialist trouble-shooters for Electrical, LPG and Diagnostics problems on cars, pickups and vans, over 90% of our work is for the trade.

With over 25 years of specialist experience we have the knowledge and skills to solve any problems and install & configure all makes and models properly.

We see all manner of cars from the more common 4x4's through high performance turbocharged cars, to original equipment or OEM systems. We frequently have customers travel hundreds of miles for us to fix systems that have been setup wrongly elsewhere.

We install LPG systems on a wide variety of vehicles using what we consider the best system available from Bigas, we are fully trained and qualified and a reccomended installer and repairer of Bigas systems.

However much of our work is the repair, servicing and particularly trouble-shooting of LPG systems that have been installed elsewhere or DIY systems that are not working properly.

We are happy to inspect all makes and models of LPG either OEM or conversions and provide certification for insurance purposes.

No guesswork is involved, we have vast experience and all the specialist equipment and programming and diagnostics tools to identify and repair faults to component level.

Virtually all makes and models covered, traditional and sequential systems are covered, upgrades to older systems to allow lambda control of fuelling and any other modifications to provide properly working safe LPG systems.

We have MOT level calibrated LPG portable gas analysers allowing accurate monitoring of fuelling under all load conditions.