LPG Conversion

We are an an approved LPG installer and are recommended by the UK distributor of Bigas systems, we only supply and fit Bigas LPG Conversions, In our experience the are the best systems available, bar none.

We can service and repair LPG systems produced by any manufacturer, For more information please see our dedicated website at LPGForCars.co.uk

The LPG conversion process consists of two main areas, the front end installation consisting of the components mounted in the engine bay including the dash mounted LPG gauge and manual override switch. The other area is the tank, filler and feed pipe to the front, which has a number of options depending upon the vehicle, your own requirements and preferences

The majority of vehicles from 1999 onwards require a multi-injection system, there are a few exceptions that will run quite happily on more traditional style systems without causing a conflict with the petrol system, the only advantage of running an older style system is to save cost on the conversion.

As from the year 2001, with the introduction of on-board diagnostics (EOBD) all vehicles should be converted to duel-fuel by installing sequential multi injection system.

installing a sequential multi-injector system means that you will get virtually like for like performance and drive ability using either LPG or petrol, there should be no compromise on how your vehicle drives on LPG - just a BIG saving.

We recommend before your conversion date that you visit our premises so that we can determine your requirements and expectations; this will also enable us to discuss the options for locating the various components such as the switch and the filler. Also your visit will give us an opportunity to discuss tank location and capacity and any other special requirements as well as determining your vehicles suitability for conversion.

Is Your Car Suitable for LPG Conversion?
The vast majority of cars can be converted, however it is important that the car is in good condition mechanically, has recently been serviced and is in full working order.

If your car is not working properly before we start the conversion, it will be difficult or even impossible for us to calibrate the system properly for LPG use. It is for this reason that we perform a full diagnostics and emissions check before we are able to arrange the conversion.